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photo9History does not record who first hollowed out a tree or lashed some logs together and set out onto the water. We have no idea who first raised a sail of animal hide or cloth nor how they controlled it. Likewise the first sailor to venture onto the ocean, out of sight of shore remains unknown, as does his fate. What is known is that these pioneers and their simple craft started a chain reaction of technology, exploration, innovation, triumph, tragedy, warfare and piracy that carries on to this very day. The scope of maritime history is vast, multifaceted and fascinating and to study it all is almost inconceivable. Like so many other great and complex topics, it is best considered in smaller, specialized slices.

The Crew of the Raven is a group of maritime living history explorers, researchers and reenactors focused on the exploration, naval, privateering and pirating histories of the Western European countries, their colonies in the New World and emerging America. The period of study and specialty spans from 1600 to the end of the War of 1812.

1959430_902008389815609_8958383918065501323_nOur organization is relatively young, being founded in 2013, but our ships company is made up of mostly senior living historians, some with over forty years experience. Our goal is to preserve, promote and represent the rich maritime heritage of the 17th, 18th and early 19th Centuries with a primary emphasis on the navies of both Britain and the young United States, the explorers and founders of the Americas, the brethren of pirates who roamed the Caribbean and coast of the colonies, and the privateers of the American Revolution and War of 1812.

The Crew of the Raven shares history through participation in reenactments, lectures, living history presentations, first-person interpretation and lectures. Please explore our site and reach out to us for additional information about membership or how we may serve your group, community or historical society.